Where cranes go to sleep

On the way home the other night, we passed the great crane yard outside Sheffield. I’ve always loved this place, even before I had kids and got used to pointing out every backhoe loader, paver, and steamroller I saw. You never usually see so many cranes together in one place, but I suppose they have to go somewhere when they’re not in use and this must be it. It’s even more of a sight around Christmas, when the tallest cranes are covered in fairy lights.

Ever since I was little, I have looked out for landmarks like this; long motorway journeys can be so boring and it’s good to know you are making progress. Some of my other favourites are:

  • The coloured, mosaiced chimney of the old Fine Fare at the junction of the M6 and M62. It’s not there any more, but I still imagine it every time I go past.
  • Fort Dunlop, Birmingham. Still there, but turned into trendy apartments, happens so often these days.
  • The Trow Pool water tower on the M40.
  • Heathrow airport. I love how the planes go roaring right over your head as you pass. Open the windows!
  • On my weekly train journey to Cardiff, I pass right by the Lovell Mk II telescope at Jodrell Bank…Lovell Mk II radio telescope
  • …and Stokesay Castle, a fabulous, 13th Century fortified manor house. We took a detour to visit once and it’s highly recommended.

Feel free to share any of your favourites!


About randomactsofcartography
I'm a software product engineer and map nerd. Although I work in GIS, I prefer paper maps to Google maps, vinyl to mp3s, box brownies to digital cameras, FM to DAB, etc., etc. Pass me my pipe and slippers.

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