Calderdale Green Party submission to the Petitions Committee inquiry on grouse shooting

Calder Valley has been flooded four times in the last five years, partly due to unprecedented levels of rainfall, but partly due to land management practices on the moors above, as explained here.

By keeping the estates ready for grouse shooting, a vital flood defence is being lost, and no amount of walls and dredging downstream will be able to compensate.

If you live in the area, please contact your MP to try to end the practices of draining and burning and help the valley better cope when the next downpour comes.

Turning Calderdale Green

More people in Calder Valley signed Mark Avery’s petition to the government to ban driven grouse shooting, than in any other constituency.  Calderdale Green Party has sent a submission to the Petitions Committee inquiry on grouse shooting, to explain why.

If you live in Calder Valley, please let Craig Whittaker know that you expect him to attend the Parliamentary debate on the petition, and to stand up for his constituents. He has an open drop-in surgery in Hebden Bridge Methodist Church on Saturday 15th October, from 1.30pm. And there is Treesponsibility transport to London for the House of Commons debate on the petition on 18th October.

Labour MPs are starting to support a ban on driven grouse shooting.  If you live in Halifax and Holly Lynch is your MP, please use this info  about the Labour position on grouse shooting  and ask her to vote for a ban on grouse…

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