The coolest digital archive in the world

If you’ve ever tried to recover some vital files from an old CD-ROM or floppy disk, you’ll know that digital media has a very short lifespan. This has been a problem for archivists for many years, but now a digital doomsday vault has opened in northern Norway.

‘Doomsday’ library joins seed vault in Arctic Norway

I’ve always said this obsession with all things digital is overblown, but I love this idea of converting digital media to film, so it can be stored indefinitely. Analog for the win, indeed.

Now we just need a vinyl library to store the world’s audio…



About randomactsofcartography
I'm a software product engineer and map nerd. Although I work in GIS, I prefer paper maps to Google maps, vinyl to mp3s, box brownies to digital cameras, FM to DAB, etc., etc. Pass me my pipe and slippers.

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