Crazy Cardiff Curtain Cartography

Nobody enjoys going to hospital, but the Cardiff NHS Trust has found a way to make the experience even less pleasant.

Cardiff map

All the bedside curtains in the hospital have this lovely map of local landmarks printed on them – I’m not sure where to start with how wrong it all is. The colour scheme is not very easy on the eye, and because only three shades are in use, Castell Coch (Red Castle) has ended up being sky blue.

Even though the map has been greatly simplified, many of the landmarks shown are in the wrong places, for example:

  • Castell Coch is the wrong side of the River Taff
  • Whitchurch Hospital and Llandaff Cathedral are roughly in the right place, but is that a golf course next to them? Whitchurch Golf club is north of the hospital and nowhere near the river
  • The University (Heath) Hospital of Wales is actually south of Whitchurch Hospital
  • Rookwood Hospital appears to be south of the cathedral, when it should be slightly to the west
  • The City Hall and National Museum of Wales seem to be over in Splott somewhere
  • Llandough Hospital is to the north of the Cardiff City ground
  • Barry Hospital is closer to Dinas Powys
  • And probably worst of all, the Wales Millennium Centre is way to the east, when it should be in the centre, just behind the pierhead building

Here they all are, in their correct positions. Ok, I’m happy now.